Who are we?

We are a group of young adults who formed PADD (People’s Awareness of Disability Discrimination) in 2015 as part of the Big Lottery funded project Talent Match Humber.

The motivation for forming the group came from the experience members had whilst trying to get a job. As a group of young people with various disabilities and learning differences, we found we were all coming up against similar obstacles when looking for work. These challenges are very much out of our control. For example recruitment processes such as online application forms don’t always cater for the needs of a person with a learning disability.


To overcome these challenges we have recognised that more needs to be done to support employers when hiring a person with a disability. PADD want to help highlight ability to employers.

What we do

PADD raise awareness by

  • Advising employers on how to make their business more accessible
  • Attend This Ability partnership meetings and participating in events
  • Conducting social research to investigate how to improve employment opportunities for young people with disabilities

PADD can support employers by

  • Providing bespoke advice and guidance that’s suits your business
  • Provide support to make an organisation’s processes and guidance materials accessible

How PADD have influenced Talent Match Humber

PADD have given Talent Match valuable opportunity to recognise that more needs to be done to support employers. Due to this Talent Match are piloting the MOBY project which supports employers to become Disability Confident. As part of the project PADD are working with Sheffield Hallam University and local employers to explore the feasibility of this approach.

Their involvement in the project includes:

  • Supporting employers to make recruitment process accessible
  • Assessing the buildings accessibility
  • Carrying out research by interviewing employers and employees Promoting good practice

This Ability

PADD have been involved in all aspects of the This Ability including helping to design the logo, planning the events with the steering group, public speaking and working on the events.
Some of the roles they undertake at the events include, signing in guests, ushering, speaking to employers and promoting PADD.


At the launch back in 2015, members asked the public to complete questionnaires on their understanding of hidden disabilities. 
The finding from this brief exercise was that people only tend to understand hidden disabilities such as autism if they have personal or professional experiences. 
This supports PADDs belief that there is work to be done in raising general awareness but more specifically education for employers is key to overcoming challenges faced gaining employment.